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101 N.Wilmot 101 N.Wilmot EAST
5315 East Broadway 5315 East Broadway CENTRAL
BD 34th Properties Inc. 2900-3000 E. Elvira SOUTH
Broadway Executive Building 4633 E. Broadway CENTRAL
Campbell Avenue Shops 2502-2530 N. Campbell CENTRAL
Canada Crossroads S.C. 10325 N. La Canada NORTHWEST
Canada Hills Shopping Center 12723 N. La Canada NORTHWEST
Casa Adobes Shopping Center 7000 - 7151 N. Oracle NORTHWEST
Centre East Office Building 7020 - 7040 E. Broadway EAST
Corporate Center Broadway 7750 E. Broadway EAST
Cottonwood Plaza S.C. 7250 N. Oracle NORTHWEST
Country Club Bilby LLC 6020 S. Country Club SOUTH
Crossroads East Shopping Center 101 - 131 East Grant Road CENTRAL
El Dorado Square 1200 N. El Dorado Place EAST
El Mercado Shoppes 6302 6372 E. Broadway EAST
Encanto Plaza Shopping Center 3200 E. Speedway CENTRAL
Grant Square 4444 E. Grant Road CENTRAL
New World Plaza 5055 E. Broadway CENTRAL
Oracle Village Shopping Center 3950 - 3994 N. Oracle Road NORTHWEST
River Village Shopping Center 5004 - 5068 N. Oracle Road NORTHWEST
San Clemente Shopping Center 3827 - 3853 E. Broadway CENTRAL
San Francisco Square 3906 -3922 N. Oracle NORTHWEST
Silverbell Plaza 2106 - 2178 E. Grant Road CENTRAL
Sunrise Village Shopping Center 4700 - 4800 E. Sunrise EAST
TAAC Investors LLC South Commerce Center SOUTH
Toys R Us Plaza 5355 5455 E. Broadway CENTRAL
Tucson Office Plaza 6245 E. Broadway EAST
Ventana Plaza 5415 - 5455 N. Kolb EAST
Weston Plaza 3550 N. First Avenue NORTHWEST